Gulab Jamun • $5.99
Milk balls served in rose-flavored sugar syrup with a touch of cardamom.
Kulfi • $6.99
Rich Indian ice cream made of thickened milk, topped with cardamom for its exotic flavor.
Malai, Pistachio or Mango
Kesari Kheer • $5.99
Rice pudding cooked with milk, topped with nuts and saffron. Served hot or cold.
Rasmalai • $5.99
Soft velvety patties of cheese soaked in milky cardamom and rose water syrup.
Ice Cream / Sorbet • $4.99
Please ask your server for today’s selection.
Dessert Platter • $9.99
Combination of assorted desserts: Gulab Jamun, Kulfi and Ice Cream.

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